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I'm with JohnnyQwest on many of his comments: I'm no expert on colouring, but I'd say you do need to finish certain things, such as the light effect from the street lamp in the background.

With my editor's hat on, I'd say composition wise it's good, but I'd favor a more dynamic posture, although I know that sometimes isn't typical for Spawn, slightly crouching maybe - not too much - as if he's about to go into action, prompting the reader of the comic to think 'Hey! What's he going up against?'

The cape is also an issue for me -- it seems to be going off at all angles rather than complementing and drawing the eye toward the character. Use the cape to focus the reader.

Hope this is useful.
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johnfsfreeman Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009
Glad it was useful. I noticed you had a poll as to whether to work on pin ups or sequentials. My vote is for sequentials. Editors want to see strip work when they view a portfolio online or at a convention: pin ups are great but strip work is what will get you a job.

There's a lot of interest, I think, in colouring up old material: it may not be the greatest of jobs but with the move to digital, companies like Marvel and DC are going to be looking at their old archive material and will need to restore it. While working on such material, the way it was originally colored - even if it now looks dated - offers a few tips on how to balance a page, even though the techniques available even five years ago have changed enormously. My friend John Higgins (who colored Watchmen) certainly took advantage of new technology when he did the Absolute Watchmen and has talked about the opportunities it afforded online. He goes into some detail about this in Dave Gibbons book on watchmen, mentoned in my news story here: [link]

rcardoso530 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
well i have actually been working on some sequentials for this group of guys that say that have their comic book all together and a deal with a couple of companies that i can't think of off top of my head one being print and the other being on-line either way it's really not my genre that i care for and their color selection is a little odd but when you are trying to break into the industry you gotta chase alot of tails.... whether they are legit or bs know what i mean...

in saying that the real issue is that they don't want me to post until after the release date which is in dec soo i can't really show people what i working on. but i started working of a couple of other pieces that i really like so as soon as i can get some free time between my real life job and the comic i will post them as i complete them. i also agree with you 110% pin-ups are cool but companies are more looking for pages....

i will check that link out tonight when i get home


rcardoso530 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
hey goat!!!

first off let me thank you very much for taking the time to write a critique on this piece that i colored, also if you have read some of others that have commented on my stuff you will notice i generally like to respond just cause i think that if someone is good enough to comment the least i can do is comment back....

you know with each and every piece that i color i really try to do some new so that my coloring skills improve whether it is with something that you the viewer can see or something new in the process... in saying that the light post in this was one of my new things. now that i look back at this one there are a few things i would have done different cause of new techniques that i have learnt.

i am kinda torn should i go back or tweak it a little or leave it to show growth....

as for the comp. and pose well even though i only just colored it i found the pose to be quite dynamic myself like he was standing there saying," come get some" know what i mean? or he that he was going to be the deciding factor on whether you choose heaven or hell.

as the cape well i think you can go both ways with it. some look at the cape as a weapon it's self and having a mind of it's own others look at it as a cape and only a cape. so i think that depends on what side of the fence you are on.

thank you for the comment and every constructive critique that someone gives from the aspect of helping one improve is always helpful

thankyou very much

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